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About Moray Pathways

Moray Pathways is a single point of contact for individuals, businesses and organisations.

For individuals, Moray Pathways can help point you in the right direction to find opportunities in EducationTraining or Employment.

Whether you are in education and want to move on, in employment but want a change, or want to retrain to better yourself and find a new direction, everything you need is here on the Moray Pathways hub.

For Businesses And Organisations, we can support you in many ways. We can help you to promote opportunities within your organisation and find the right support to help you move your business or organisation forward.

This may include helping you with finding information on apprenticeships or how to access relevant funding. We also have access to the work training allowance which could mean we can help you with financial support for that key new member of staff and we have vast information on in-work training schemes which are a huge benefit to the employee and the employer.

Working with numerous partners, Moray Pathways is your one point of contact to getting on the right path for your business.

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